Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Practices for using the Import Wizard to migrate Repository Objects across SAP Business Objects XI 3.1

  • The Import Wizard in Business Objects Enterprise uses a combination of CUID(Cluster Unique Identifiers) and Object Names to move or update Objects from a Source 3.1x/XI-R2 Environment to a target 3.1x/XI-R2 environment.
  • When moving the objects over, there are three distinct scenarios that determine how the import wizard would migrate the objects over -
          a.   The object to be migrated has the same CUID and same Object Name in both the source and the Target Environment.

          b. The objects to be migrated has the same CUID but different Objects Name in the Source and the Target Environment

          c. The object to be migrated has different CUID but the same object Name in the source and the Target Environment.

  • The newly created target environment i.e. a new CMS would not have any objects and hence the three scenarios would not apply to such an environment. The import wizard can be used to move objects to a newly created target environment without being concerned about the three scenarios above. However, successive migrations after the initial move will require keeping the above scenarios in mind prior to moving the objects over.
  •  The import wizard allows for two options during the migration phase of the objects from a source to a target environment - 'Merge' and 'Update'. In a environment that has been managed in compliance with Best Practices, scenario (2.a) in the above would always exist i.e. CUID and Objects names will always be in sync. In such a scenario, using either a Merge or Update options should produce identical results.
  •  However, in a target enviornment, that has been updated with incosistent sources, scenarios (2.b) and (2.c) can exist. In order to avoid this situation, it is good to comply with the following best practices -

  • Ensure that the source and target environments are always in sync. This can be accomplished by using a single tool to perform the migration e.g. always use the Import wizard to carry out the migration.
  • Ensure that successive  migrations are performed with the 'update' option of the import wizard. This will ensure that the existing CUID and Objects are updated if they eixst and duplicated are not created.
  • Ensure that when using 'biar' files to move the content over, the files are the latest copies from the source system. Ensuring version management of the biar files will help minimize any human errors in the import process when using the biar files. If version management of the biar files is not feasible, switch to online migration from source to target system..
  • Always ensure proper backups of the BusinessObjects Enterprise system with a backup copy a CMS database and FRS File System. In the event of inconsistency betweend CUID's and Objects Names between source and target environment, it may be quicker to restore the system from backup then fixing individual objects.
Hope you find this useful.
Umang Patel
SAP BO BI Solution Architect/Consultant

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