Monday, July 1, 2013

Actions needed when restoring only the CMS database when it is crashed in SAP BI 4.0.


Only perform this procedure if only the CMS database has crashed. If the database is corrupted or other components have been compromised you must perform a full system restore.
Repair or replace the CMS database host-machine. If replaced, ensure that it has the same system name as the previous host-machine, as well as the same port settings and database credentials.


If it is not possible to restore the machine using the same name and credentials, you will need to use the CCM to update this database connection information for each node in the cluster and restart those nodes.
  1. Stop all BI platform nodes using the CCM.
  2. Locate the latest CMS database backup set.
  3. Using your database tools, restore the CMS database.
  4. Locate the most recent CMS database transaction log—that is, the log that contains transactions performed after the last backup.
  5. Replay the entire transaction log for the CMS database.
  6. Use the CCM to start the BI platform nodes.
 Once you have verified the system is working properly, take the following actions:
  •  Run the Repository Diagnostic Tool to remove any unused temporary files and check repository consistency.
  • Any publishing jobs in process at the time the system was backed up will display as failed. Do not rerun these instances, start a new publishing jobs.
Hope you find this useful.
Umang Patel
SAP BO BI Solution Architect/Consultant

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