Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to improve Web application server performance in case of SAP BI platform running on WACS

To improve the server performance of a WACS, you can change the amount of memory that is allocated to the server through the Central Configuration Manager (CCM).
1.Starting the CCM, and click the Manage Servers icon .
2. Specify the logon credentials for the CMC.
3. On the "Manage Servers" screen, stop the WACS.
4.Click the Web Tier Configuration icon .
The Web Tier Configuration icon is only enabled when you select a WACS that is stopped.
The "Web Tier Configuration" screen appears.
5. Under "Command Line Parameters", specify a new memory value by editing the command line:
a. Find the -Xmx option. This option normally has a value specified.
For example “-Xmx1g”. This setting allocates one giga byte of memory to the server.
b. Specify a new value for the parameter.
• To specify a value in mega bytes, use “m”. For example, “-Xmx640m” allocates 640 mega bytes of memory to the WACS.
• To specify a value in giga bytes, use “g”. For example, “-Xmx2g” allocates two giga bytes of memory to the WACS.
c. Click OK.
6. On the "Manage Servers" screen, start the WACS.

Hope you find this useful.
Umang Patel
SAP BO BI solution architect / consultant

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